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Owning the Map - Indigenous Cartography on the front line of climate change

Owning the Map - Indigenous Cartography on the front line of climate change

 Don't miss Alan Ereira's upcoming online talk on 'OWNING THE MAP- indigenous cartography on the front line of climate change' on 16 March 2022

At the entrance to the Lost City of the Tairona in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Mara there is the “mapstone”, but it has never been clear what is being mapped. 

Can we learn from the Kogi what it really signifies?

Alan Ereira will tell us what he thinks it is and how it connects to the indigenous campaign to reshape the map of northern Colombia with the Black Line.  His talk will also cover the significance of indigenous mapping and its importance as a way of understanding the world.

Alan will be in conversation with two leading environmentalists, Bob Gilbert, author of Ghost Trees (2018) and Candace Fujikane, author of Mapping Abundance for a Planetary Future (2021).

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August 2021 Newsletter

August 2021 Newsletter

We are sorry for the long delay in letting you know how the donations you made last year have been spent but it has taken a long while to get a full report back from OGT due to a reorganisation following the death of Santos Sauna and the election of their new Cabildo Arregoces Conchacala. 

This newsletter includes the latest updates on:

  • the Food Campaign, an Emergency Response in 2020;
  • a series of four meetings proposed across the Kogi Communities and their results;
  • the acquisition of computers and Internet installation;
  • the acquisition of materials and utensils for 20 Kogi families in Maldaka affected by fire In March 2021.

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Mission Statement

The mission of the Trust is to magnify the Kogis’ voice, to help them defend their culture and its territorial integrity and to learn from them how to better protect the planet which we all share.

The Kogi are descendants of the Tairona and are the last surviving civilization from the world of the Inca and Aztec.

They are an indigenous people who consider themselves to be the guardians of the earth and are worried by our attempts to destroy it.

The mountain - in Colombia - is their home, it is quite literally a microcosmos, a mirror of the planet on which every ecological zone is represented. The impact of the modern world is affecting their environment and from their vantage point on the mountain they can see how this is damaging the rest of the planet.

The Trust needs your help to support this mission.

The Films

From The Heart of the World: The Elder Brother's Warning


Watch the first film made by Alan Ereira and the BBC in 1990 about the ancient Kogi civilisation from the Sierra Nevada De Santa Marta, Colombia.

The Movie


The follow up film was made 25 years later at the request of the Kogi Mamas because they said we had not heard them the first time.

In their own words

In the beginning there were no animals, no plants.  Only the Sea.  The sea was the Mother. The Mother was not the people, she was not anything at all.  She was when she was, spirit.  She was memory and possibly, she was aluna. 

Joe Bloggs

Our Objectives


We will offer the Kogi a voice

We will offer the Kogi a way to communicate directly with the wider world.

Our Objectives


We will protect the environment of the Kogi

We will respond to, and publicise, requests by the Kogi for help in protecting their territory and culture.

Our Objectives


We will learn from the Kogi

We will learn from the Kogi about their understanding of environmental management and publicise that knowledge through all media.

Our Objectives


To educate the next generation

We will implement initiatives to educate young people about the principles and way of life of the Kogi in order to protect the planet for future generations.


Support Us

The Kogi message is important for us all. They consider themselves to be the guardians of the earth and are worried by our attempts to destroy it. They want their voice and knowledge to be heard around the world and for us to take action to protect the planet that we all share. 

The Kogi need your help to do this.