Obituary Mama Jacinto Zarabata

Obituary Mama Jacinto Zarabata

10 April 2019


We are very sad to inform you that Mama Jacinto Zarabata died on Sunday, 7 April.  He was the great patriarch of the Sierra, the Jefe Mayor.  The whole Sierra, all its indigenous peoples, are in mourning,  He and his brothers, Mama Valencio and Mama Bernardo, organised and supervised the creation of the OrganisaciĆ³n Gonawindua Tairona to speak for the Mamas to the Colombian government, and the making of the television programme “From the Heart of the World: The Elder Brothers’ Warning” which brought the Kogi message to many millions around the world for the first time.  He was the guardian of a profound understanding of nature and the proper behaviour of mankind. 

He was believed to be 100 years old.

Alan Ereira adds

He was the Kogi Mama seen in “From the Heart of the World” supervising the filming of a weaver.  The weaver does not understand why the filming is necessary, and Mama Jacinto tells him to concentrate on his work: what he weaves “speaks to the fathers and mothers of the world”, to the fundamental living ideas that underly reality.  Jacinto was a great guide and teacher, a far-seeing advisor who met with the Dalai Llama and supervised research work with “Younger Brother” so that we can better understand how to take care of nature.  He supervised my own education, in short bursts in the dim light of his nuhue, and then sending me out with a designated teacher so that I could be shown what he said I needed to know.

No one could have better played his historic part in the great Kogi effort to help us understand how to protect the heart of the world, and the whole world.  His loss is greater than we can understand.


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