Nature Walks

Nature Walks

10 March 2020

The Kogi Mamas work to educate us and protect nature continues 

Organise a sponsored walk in nature in 2020 to support them

“The Sierra is a Mother and is in trouble. She needs healing. That is why we are here but how to do it? ‘Zigoneshi’ means ‘co-operation’ and this means understanding each other.”

Mama Shibulata, Unesco BRIDGES commission, Sweden, October 2019

In September 2018, Kogi Mamas arrived in France to take part in a discussion with scientists.

They had found a new way to talk to us about understanding the way they see the world, which they say is vital to our future survival.

In support of this initiative we asked you to ‘walk your world’ in solidarity with the Kogi and their ongoing efforts to help us protect nature and in particular areas of ecological significance. Those walks helped to raise funds for the meeting.

The response to this request was wonderful and many of you went on walks in nature with your friends and family to help support the trip to France and of course many of you have continued to make donations to the Trust as well. Thank you!

The work of the Kogi Mamas never stops and the Tariona Heritage Trust exists to help amplify their voice and to respond to their requests for help. Many of you have seen that the Mamas and the Trust are working with Unesco to help foster further understanding between academics and traditional indigenous knowledge. As such, we would like to organise another round of sponsored walks to help support them develop this work in 2020 and beyond.

You can help us by organise a walk and raising sponsorship. This is a simple request to our friends and growing community of supporters to organise such a walk by a river, or through a wood on your own or with friends as a way of appreciating nature, spending time in the wonder and beauty of the natural world and then writing to us at [email protected] to tell us about your experience or post on social media and don't forget to tag the trust. 

We’ve integrated the organising of the sponsorship with Just Giving and you'll find everything you need in the links below:

Walk Instructions.pdf

Sponsorship form.pdf

The funds will be spent covering the costs of the Kogi’s travel and engagement with academics and scientists on an ongoing basis.

Thank you.

The Tairona Heritage Trust


Here are some of the messages and pictures of the walks that were carried out last time:

 “On my birthday, I invited my friends to walk with me barefoot in support with the Kogi. The Kogi walk barefoot everywhere and that’s what inspired me. We did a small walk through the park behind my house. The ground was still warm and soft and people were surprised how comfortable and refreshing it can be walking without shoes! My objective was for everyone to step into connection with the earth, feel the grass between their toes and come to their senses in their bodies. We live such busy lives and often forget even to take a proper breath.”

Petra Gomersall


 "We did a Mindfullness walk through the hills and woodlands around Selborne, in Hampshire with a stop at the top of the ZigZag path for a picnic Brunch.  It was a very beautiful day,  the sun shone, and nature was out in it’s full glory.   We really appreciated the opportunity to connect with nature and the Kogi people who have touched our hearts with their quest to preserve and protect our beautiful Mother Earth.

Selborne felt very appropriate as it was the home of the first naturalist / botanist Gilbert White who lived there in the seventeenth century and wandered around the selfsame hills recording and helping to preserve nature.  Selborne itself is steeped with history and dates back to Anglo Saxon times.”


 “We geatly enjoyed a walk to celebrate and embrace Kogi indigenous wisdom - so together, we can restore the damage we humans are doing to an animate earth.”



Support Us

The Kogi message is important for us all.   They consider themselves to be the guardians of the earth and are worried by our attempts to destroy it.  They want their voice and knowledge to be heard around the world and for us to take action to protect the planet that we all share.  The Kogi need your help to do this.