Donate Now: New Fundraising Campaign

Donate Now: New Fundraising Campaign

Donate Now: New Fundraising Campaign

25 July 2018

The arrival of six representatives of the Kogis to France offers us the opportunity for an exceptional dialogue between indigenous Kogi Mamas and Western academics. This will put into perspective the modern scientific approaches and traditional approaches of the Kogi Indians in order to try to identify the places of convergence that not only bring practical innovations for territorial resilience, inclusive health, but also new readings and ecological analysis that help us face the big issues of our time.

From August 29 to September 16, 2018, from the high valleys of the Sierra Nevada Santa Marta (Colombia), commissioned by their community, they will arrive in France, to share a "diagnosis of territorial health" of the High Diois, to sources of the DrĂ´me River.

We are supporting this work and seeking donations to cover the costs associated with the project. We are seeking to secure EUR 25,000 to contribute to this work.

A Video Message from The Founder of the Tairona Heritage Trust About the new project and fundraising, Alan Ereira.



These people are the conscientious guardians of a tradition, philosophy and form of thought that has been pretty effectively destroyed everywhere else in the world by the advance of our own culture. Donate to the project directly on our Donate Page.

Press Release for the Project (French with English Translation)

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The Kogi message is important for us all.   They consider themselves to be the guardians of the earth and are worried by our attempts to destroy it.  They want their voice and knowledge to be heard around the world and for us to take action to protect the planet that we all share.  The Kogi need your help to do this.